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My name is Andy Burr; my wife and musical partner is Sara. For the past 25 years I've made a living (admittedly a meager living!) as a musician in Florida. That's partly how I first became interested in stage lighting and LED lights -- to add some visual interest to my performances and those of my bands. There are links to my band web sites at the bottom of this page.

Now I'm offering LED lights and stage lighting accessories for Musicians, Bands, DJs, and other performers; for Nightclubs, Churches, Theaters, and House Parties. I offer a limited number of items; the things I sell are ones that I use or have used.

These lights are the same quality as LED lights offered by national brands like Chauvet, American DJ, MBT, Lumin Lights, and Blizzard, and by retailers like In general they work the same way. The main difference is price. I don't have high overhead or need to make a huge profit like some sellers do, so I can sell for less than most. Profit is fine -- but customer satisfaction is my #1 goal.

The lights I sell -- just like those sold by the bigger companies mentioned above -- are manufactured in China. You could do what I do, and import the lights you want, and possibly save some money. But there are some compelling reasons not to do it yourself:

1. It's not so easy to find a manufacturer that is reliable and offers good quality and is ethical. To put it bluntly, some companies don't mind ripping you off. I made several costly attempts before I found the right manufacturers.

2. I live here in the USA, home of quick and reliable shipping. Most items I sell will reach you in 2-3 days, not 2-3 weeks -- or longer.

3. If something should be wrong with what you purchase directly from China, good luck trying to get a refund. Paypal will insist you return the item; if you try, you'll discover that it's much more expensive to ship to China than it is to ship from China. If there's something wrong with what you purchase from me, you won't have to place another order to get a credit. You'll get a refund, not an argument.

4. If you need technical assistance, I'm easy to reach by phone or email. And English is my first language.

5. I care.

If you'd just like to ask questions about the items I sell, or about LEDs or DMX in general, or anything to do with lighting, call me any time between 9am and 5pm EST at 407-877-3010. I'm ALWAYS happy to discuss lights!

My band sites:

The Porchdogs: Louisiana Cajun and zydeco music since 1992.
2nd Porchdogs site
Mountain Brew: Americana (folk, country, bluegrass, blues) and Irish music.
The Retro Ramblers: 'Oldies' pop and country and Christmas music.